Battleground: World War II

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#1001Red Devils in the Night
Out of print. Scenario pack focusing on the British 6th Airborne on D-Day. Includes new night-fighting rules, covers British equipment, adds two new vehicle datasheets
#1002Panthers East
Out of print.
#1003Tanker's Challenge
Tank charts for the Germans, Americans and Russians, plus a tank game called Tanker's Challenge.
#1004Normandy Nightmare
Focuses on the hedgerow country in Normandy. The embattled American 29th division fights the SS and Falschimjagers in the hell of the hedgerows leading to St. Lo.
#1005Islands of Glory
Campaign pack highlights the "island-hopping" campaign waged by American Leathernecks and GIs against the island-defending troops of the feared Japanese Empire. New Pacific War rules, historical background.
#1006Crusade for Empire
Campaign pack focuses on North Africa and the see-saw battles that took place between the Axis and the British. 20+ tank sheets are included (British/Italian/German).
#1007Men of Honor
Scenario pack highlighting some of WWII's greatest heroes, and the medals they won. Five American five German heroes are featured.

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