Battleground: World War II

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Publisher's Web Page Latest information on the game.
Aaron's Battleground WWII Expanded terrain and effects charts, plus Aaron's house rules.
DeathSkull's Battleground Page Description of the game, and a gallery of photographs.
Game Review Review by Chris Wagner, at the Gamut! website.
Book of Heroes List of all published character stats, citing which supplement they can be found in. Also provides new character data. Sponsored by the South Jersey Confederation of Wargamers.
Codex Alternate point system, replacing the Squad Builder system. Covers Americans, British, Germans, Japanese, Russians, and Belgians, plus gives points for defenses. Sponsored by the South Jersey Confederation of Wargamers.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions list. Maintained by the South Jersey Confederation of Wargamers.
Ostfront's Battleground Page Work is in progress on Panzers West, an online scenario builder.
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