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Matthew A. Hoagland (
I have played several games of Fantasy Warriors, and think it is a very interesting game system. I like the focus on command control, but the system is fairly rigid and inflexible. You can only give three possible orders to a "command" (one to several units). They are hold (can't move at all), maneuver (move any direction, but weaker in combat), or attack (move straight at the nearest enemy). Using the order system is the key to winning, but hard to figure out.

Generally, the system is very innovative. It almost overwhelms you with options. That may be its biggest downfall to fantasy players. It is almost too sophisticated, including rules for scouting, command, and a myriad of army list options not found in Warhammer. You are spoiled for choices, but that makes creating an army more difficult.

The morale system is also interesting. It is entirely possible for your entire army to run off due to one bad event (it happened to my orcs in my first game). You can largely avoid this by buying perks to supplement your morale, and tough armies like the Dwarves are unlikely to run.

The combat system is neat, fairly quick, and pretty deadly. The whole system is based on six-sided dice. That works well for combat, but may not be enough of a spread for the morale system.

Overall, I like the system.

The basing may be holding the game back, because it uses 1" bases for infantry. I actually cut all the plastic miniatures off their bases and mounted them on 20mm bases so I could integrate them into my other fantasy armies.

Overall it is a good value for the money.

Hendrik Freie (
Although I've only played WHFB 1&4 and FW, the latter is definitely better in most respects. But of course this is only my opinion, and it it doesn't seem to be the view of the rest of the world.

I am looking for like-minded people in the Netherlands.

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