Fantasy Warriors

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Game of large-scale fantasy warfare. Emphasis is on units and command control, but extraordinary individuals and horrendous monsters can make a difference. Combat is fast and deadly. Includes rules for time of day, boasts, omens, scouting, ammunition supply, and magic. Troops are selected from lists (there is no provision for creating new troop types or races).

Period Fantasy
Scale Figure and ground scales not given. Time scale is 2 hours per turn.
Basing Individual basing. 25mm x 25mm (1" x 1") for infantry, 25mm x 50mm (1" x 2") for cavalry.
Contents 102 plastic miniatures, rulebook, counters, and 6 metal miniatures (two warchiefs, standard bearers, and individuals)
Designer Nick Lund
Publisher First edition published by Grenadier Miniatures UK. Second edition published by Stratelibri.

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