Napoleon's Battles

Brief Description A set of rules to allow players to recreate the great battles of the Age of Napoleon. Infantry, cavalry, and artillery all clash on the tabletop, under the command of historical military personalities with individual ratings. This is a game for those who desire to see the "big panorama," and not the low-level tactics of the period.
Period 1792-1815 (French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars)
Scale Grand-Tactical. 30 minutes per turn. 100 yards per inch. Units are brigade/regiment and larger. Intended for 15mm figures (other scale figures can obviously be used, but no guidelines are provided for scaling the game)
Basing 1:120 for infantry, 1:80 for cavalry, approx. 1:6 per artillery. Infantry and cavalry are usually mounted four to a base, in two ranks. Infantry units range from 4-7 bases in size; cavalry are 3-5 bases per unit.
Contents Boxed game includes rules booklet (36 pages), scenario booklet (48 pages), and background booklet (32 pages), 2 template cards, 12 information cards, 2 game cards, 2 decimal dice. The inclusion of 186 die-cut counters and 2 terrain cards allows one to play immediately, even without miniatures.
Designers S. Craig Taylor Jr. and Robert Coggins
Publisher The Avalon Hill Game Company

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Napoleon's Battles Module

Out of print.

This 54-page booklet provides maps, labels, and orders of battle for an additional 8 historical battles (Valmy, Friedland, Corunna, Aspern-Essling, Ocano, Salamanca, Leipzig, and Craonne), plus a fictitious scenario to be used when introducing players to large battles.

One page of errata for the original game (rules, scenarios, and information cards) is provided. New rules are provided for marsh and mud terrain. Optional rules cover skirmishing brigades, emergency changing from square to line formation, spread-out artillery units, and new options with the Initiative and Free Roll markers.

For designing your own scenarios, two new types of battles are explained. Charts are provided for point costs for early period armies (organized by divisions rather than corps).

8832 Napoleon's Battles Expansion II

Expands game with more generals, campaign rules, and 5 new scenarios.

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