Down Styphon!

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Wargame rules complete with army organizations and descriptions of flags and uniforms for a complete campaign. Includes notes on suitable miniatures.

Infantry is organized into companies - 120 to 160 men per company, with a ratio of 2 pikemen to 1 musketeer. Cavalry is 160 to 200 men per troop. Weapons include lance, sword, musketoon, pistols.

There is an interesting rule for mercenaries. When their morale is low enough, they will surrender if the enemy is close enough. For every 10 'prisoner' figures, the opposing force must detail one 'guard' figure!

The rules also feature an optional point system for building armies.

Period The world of Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen (from the novel of the same name by H. Beam Piper)
(Rules claim to also be suitable for historical renaissance gaming.)
Ground Scale 1" = 10 yards
Time Scale unknown
Figure Scale One casting = 20 men
Miniature ScalesIntended for use with 25mm figures, but with conversions for 15mm

Basing Infantry is mounted on 1" deep stands, with an average of 3 figures and a frontage of 15mm per figure. Cavalry is mounted on 2" deep stands, 3 or 4 figures per stand, frontage of 20mm per figure. Artillerymen are mounted on 3/4" x 3/4" stands.
Contents Booklet
Designer Mike Gilbert
Publisher First edition published 1977 by Fantasy Games Unlimited

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