Warhammer Ancient Battles

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Game of ancient warfare, including campaign rules, scenarios, a basic combat system and a variety of supplemental rules. Rules cover charges, morale, psychology, leaders, battle standards, chariots, elephants, fortifications, veterans, and more. Game system is derived from a sister game, Warhammer Fantasy.

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Includes army lists for Romans and Barbarians (see the supplements for other lists). Provides guidelines for collecting and painting figures. Book contains a 16-page photo layout, showing sample armies and illustrating how to paint.

Period "the Ancient World"
Ground Scale unstated
Time Scale unstated
Figure Scale unstated
Miniature Scales25mm models "...is the scale of model featured throughout these rules, and the one we prefer..."
troop typebase widths
Light Infantry/Skirmishers20-25mm
Other Infantry15-20mm
War Engines, Chariots, etc.as required

The rules suggest base widths per figure. Base depths are not specified, but should be sufficient to accomodate the models. While figures can be based individually, the designers recommend mounting multiple figures per stand.

Contents144-page soft-cover book
Designers Jervis Johnson, Rick Priestley, Alan Perry, Michael Perry
Publisher First edition published 1998 by Warhammer Historical Wargames

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2 November 1999page first published
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