Melees Gloriosus



Fast-play rules system designed with the beginner in mind, but with the intent to provide sufficient detail to interest veteran gamers. The game tries to minimize die rolling and paperwork. Three modules seek to cover all of Ancients warfare, providing rules for land warfare, naval warfare, and siege warfare. A point system allows players to design balanced scenarios. Also provided is a glossary and a brief overview of major armies and their tactics.

Period the Age of Antiquity (2500 B.C. to 500 A.D.)
SCALELand and Siege WarfareNaval Warfare
Ground Scale 1" = 10 yardsunstated
Time Scale 1 turn = 15 minutesunstated
Figure Scale 1 figure = 50 men
1 chariot model = 10 chariots
1 elephant model = 5 elephants
Miniature ScalesMeasurements are given for 15mm and 25mm scale.The measurements provided can be used for any scale.
Basing "If you already have figures that have been mounted onto stands, that will be adequate so long as all the figures have been mounted in a consistent manner." Otherwise, the following base sizes are recommended:

Troop Typefrontage x depth*
15mm scale25mm scale
Skirmishers20mm x 20mm30mm x 30mm
Light Infantry13mm x 20mm20mm x 30mm
Heavy Infantry10mm x 15mm15mm x 20mm
Light Cavalry20mm x 30mm30mm x 40mm
Heavy Cavalry13mm x 30mm20mm x 40mm
13mm x 30mm20mm x 40mm
Camelry20mm x 30mm30mm x 40mm
Elephants40mm x 40mm60mm x 80mm
Two-horse Chariots20mm x 40mm40mm x 60mm
Three-horse Chariots40mm x 40mm60mm x 80mm
Four-horse Chariots40mm x 40mm60mm x 80mm
Scythed Chariot40mm x 40mm60mm x 80mm
Pack Animals20mm x 30mm30mm x 40mm
Carts and Wagons40mm x 40mm60mm x 80mm
Battle Wagons40mm x as needed60mm x as needed
Artillery40mm x 40mm60mm x 80mm

* Base sizes are listed per troop type on a per-figure basis, allowing players the option to mount any number of figures per stand. (The designer recommends 3 figures for a light infantry stand, and 4 figures for a heavy infantry stand.)

For the naval module, ships are based individually. Figures for marines, officers, and crew are not required, but if used, can be based as per the land game.

  • 100-page rules booklet
  • three laminated, double-sided reference cards
    laminated reference card
  • Melee Combat Resolution Table (sheet)
  • Naval Vessel Data Sheet

Also available as a Deluxe Set that includes box, 4 dice, dice shaker, and a music CD.

Designer David P. Gundt
Publisher Melees Gloriosus

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