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Britt Holtsclaw (
Rally 'Round The Flag continues after some 20 years to be a club favourite here. While we use On To Richmond for the big battles, the greater tactical feel and ease of play are the main reasons for its popularity.
Chris J. Brantley ( writes:

Rally 'Round the Flag was developed by designer S. Craig Taylor, and first published in the mid-1970's by Heritage Models Publications, which is when I was introduced to it by the Atlanta Miniature Wargaming Society. It was apparently acquired by Iron Brigade Miniatures and subsequently reprinted in 1978, 1982, and 1988. I don't know if Iron Brigade Miniatures is still in business, but copies of the 4th printing (1988) are still in circulation (I picked up a new copy at Wargamers in Sterling, Virginia, in fall of '95) and I see occasional mentions in

The rules are geared to brigade/division level games with alternative tables provided for either 25mm or 15mm scales. Regiments (5 stands totalling 20 figures) are the basic tactical unit. Movement is simultaneous, firing is resolved with a single 1d6 using modifiers and hit tables, and morale is checked with 2d6 per regiment or detachment. The rules are simple to master and provide a reasonably fast game with a satisfying historical feel. There are advanced rules for players who want to add an additional level of detail.

One turn equals 20 minutes
One inch equals 25 yards (25mm figures) or 50 yards (15mm figures)
One figure represents 20-25 infantry/cavalry or 5-6 artillery.
Basic maneuver unit is the regiment

I would use Fire and Fury for recreating corps/army-size battles and am interested in looking at Johnny Reb III, but always pull out Rally 'Round the Flag when setting up a game with my friends.

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