Never Call Retreat

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Brief Description Comprehensive rules, generously illustrated with in-period art. The basic unit of maneuver is the regiment (a unit typically composed of 2-3 infantry stands). Game mechanics include initiative, written divisional orders, leaders, hidden movement, supply, morale, and pursuit. Additional rules cover gunboats, snipers and sharpshooters, heavy artillery and mortars, and engineering.
Period American Civil War
Scale Ground scale is 1" = 30 yards. One turn represents 20 minutes. One figure represents 50 infantry or cavalry, or 2 guns. Intended for use with 15mm or 25mm figures.
Troop Type # of figures base size
(frontage x depth)
Infantry 3-4 1" x 2"
Cavalry 2 2" x 2"
Gunners 1 3/4" x 3/4"
Contents 24 pages in binder
Designer Orv Banasik
Publisher Second edition published by Atalair Ltd. Now available from Prairie Products

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