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Goose666 Inactive Member27 Jan 2012 9:24 a.m. PST

Hi Folks,
Had my first game of WH:AA last night. Was brutual and a little chaotic in place.
First timeplaying a game with such a heavy reaction system involved.

Interested in what others thought, did you find the reaction system a bit too chaotic? Or did you like its sometimes randomness?

Did you find it a lik

Whitewolf36 Inactive Member27 Jan 2012 9:34 a.m. PST

I have the rules and I have been trying to get through them although IMO they are badly organized and don't flow very well. Although I think somewhere in there is a decent system.

SBminisguy27 Jan 2012 10:30 a.m. PST

When I first played with THW reaction system I didn't get it, I was used to the IGOUGO format that most games use. But then one game it clicked, and I really liked that I didn't have godlike control over my little lead figures on the table, that they could react unpredictably sometimes. I mean, based on the REP of the figure you have a good idea how they will react, but its still not a given. For me, that adds another element to my games that I really like.

blacksmith27 Jan 2012 11:20 a.m. PST

Chaos and unpredictability is what I want in my solo games.
The first time I played WHAA a single ogre killed all my party of adventurers!
At first I had to make some questions in the THW yahoo to resolve doubts but they were quickly answered by the writer of the rules.
I think WHAA is the ultimate fantasy ruleset and that it can be used for everything; since skirmishers,and dungeon bash up to campaigns and big battles.
Have a look at my campaign with WHAA at my blog (scroll down to the beginning and them read up): link

GoneNow Inactive Member27 Jan 2012 11:25 a.m. PST

I really love Chain Reaction (and Swordplay), Colonial Adventures, and All Things Zombie. But WH:AA just doesn't sit right for me. Seems overly complex compared to the other sets. There were several things that just seemed off. Like Missile Armed don't react when enemies move close, but Melee Armed do. Also the weapons verses armor rules were kind of out of whack. Unless you have the highest armor rating, most weapons just pierce right through. Makes light and medium armor next to useless.
I also have to agree that when comparing to other THW books, the layout is jumbled. It's not always easy to find the rule you know you read, but just can't remember exactly how it worked.

Would love to see a fantasy battle set based more in line with Colonial Adventures. I haven't checked out Rally Round The King yet, but I see that's more "element based" rather then single based figure units.

But anyways, for skirmishing level fights I prefer Swordplay and for bigger battles I use a home brewed CA mod.

altfritz27 Jan 2012 12:59 p.m. PST

I think there was too much in the one rules book – that the battle rules should have been left out. I agree with the "pierced" comment, and am looking for another option for "A Band of Joyous Heroes", which is a Tekumel-based game using 2HW mechanics.

Kobayashimaru Inactive Member27 Jan 2012 8:27 p.m. PST

Love WH:AA for both solo and cooperative gaming. I created some random event cards and skills and attributes optional rules for the game.
Have a look at my blog: link

I'm now working on a Rally Round the King campaign (big battles) with skirmishes played with WH:AA. A lot of fun…

Ratbone Inactive Member28 Jan 2012 12:35 a.m. PST

I like the reaction system because of the inherent chaotic lack of control. This allows players to stop concentrating on making sure their perfect plan goes off and instead live in the moment. Birds-eye view means a lot less when you can't go and do every little thing you want whenever you like.

Requires planning to avoid big trouble, yet forces plans to change with unknown conditions.

Also great because a tough hero can almost always win in single combat, but can be bogged down by a crowd instead of slicing through dozens with ease. I always get the epic feel with enough realism to keep me from losing interest.

I agree that the armor versus weapons was too simple. Basically you have no armor (or very light) and you can move fast but always get pierced, or you get the heaviest armor possible. Having medium gives you slow but still lets you get pierced. Never figured out a good way to crack that.

blacksmith28 Jan 2012 4:06 a.m. PST

Funny thing I love WHAA but I don't like CR Swordplay as I think WHAA captures better the melee thing.

Regarding the armour issue; one characteristic all THW rulesets share is that they are very easy to modify to your own taste.
If you feel a Norman infantry in full chainmail and large shield should be AC 5 instead of AC 4 and move normally, just go for it.

WHAA is mainly for skirmishes and adventurers but it also easily handles big battles. An example: link

WHAA can be confusing sometimes because it touches so many things but I prefer it that way than having a book with fewer pages and less content. Once thing I love about it is that it is a powerful tool that let you use your imagination to play all kind of games.
Believe me, once you grasp WHAA you won't want anything else to play all types of fantasy games.

I think WHAA is the best ruleset THW has released though not the best edited. Of course it can be improved, and I'm eagerly waiting for the new version of it. Hopefully, something between Legends of Araby and 5150 New Beginnings.

Buff Orpington Inactive Member28 Jan 2012 9:18 a.m. PST

As one of the other particants in the game Goose played I loved it. I'm happy with the randomness in a skirmish game, I just write it into the narrative if by berzerker goes charging off on his own. I'd feel differently if a regiment of musketeers decided to do their own thing when I'm playing a big game.

My response to Thursday's game may be biased as my brave Dwarf band slaughtered everything they met while his Elves minced around getting kebabbed by Undead cavalry. :)

Lastrati Inactive Member28 Jan 2012 5:23 p.m. PST

I enjoy it, but I've tweaked it a lot to get the armor/weapon penetration more to my liking, and the hardiness rules to where a low rating is useful, but a high rating is not completely invulnerable. I've also added quite a few skills to give the heroes more of an RPG feel.

Straight off the press, it is a good game, but I tend to tinker and this is an open enough system that I found plenty of room for customization.

Goose666 Inactive Member29 Jan 2012 10:05 a.m. PST

OY Buff,, it weren't for those mincing elves my dwarvish friend, you would have been kebabbed by those pesky undead cavalry.. in a most horrid way!

It was us Elves, that saved the day.. (and ok maybe a few humans too).

Lastrati – I think our current GM is looking at skills side of it now. I don't know what his thoughts on hardiness were. So far, as my hero bought the farm as they say, I cannot comment. I need to get some more games in.

hwarang Inactive Member29 Jan 2012 10:31 a.m. PST

I only know RRtK (the other fantasy system by 2HWG) and I am still unable to figure out how to really play the game, despite the author being helpful with answers and explanations. The rules themselves seem chaotic to me. But it might also just be me being incompatible with the rules for some reason.

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